Scott Felsenthal, Founder and Contributor

I am an executive with a 4th generation family-owned company engaged in the international distribution of consumer goods products. My passion for investing naturally led me to the creation of UnusualStocks, a blog devoted to covering my investing journey in the world of microcap companies. The experience has been incredibly gratifying, humbling, and rewarding in more ways than I could possibly describe. I have been able to meet and engage with some of the most successful investors around the world, allowing me to develop a network that provides constant intellectual and strategic engagement. 

One of the main reasons I love investing in microcap companies is because they are generally so small and you have to uncover information without the help of others...you have to put in the work. The learnings from investing in these microcap companies have taught me many things that I am able to apply to my own business. Additionally, strategically partnering with some of the management teams of the companies I have invested in has also allowed me to grow significantly as a strategic thinker and as a professional.

You can reach me by using this form. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn here.