Kelso (KLS.TO, KIQ) Member Discussion

Below is a question that Matthew and I received from a member via email regarding one of our portfolio companies, Kelso Technologies (KLS.TO, KIQ). Please utilize the "Comments" section below a post to keep the conversation going. Thanks!


Hey there guys - 

Love the updates and nice flow of content. 

So what is the deal with Kelso?  It looked to be bottoming out and I grabbed 25,000 shares as a starter position.  But now I'm thinking I jumped the gun and the real bottom may be around .90 cents?  The price action on Wed and Thur when the rail sector was starting to show signs of life was not encouraging.  The stock shouldn't have negative beta against its sector unless there is something else brewing I'm not aware of.

I know you've been following Kelso for a while and my question is do they really have nothing to say until April of next year?  So all that is coming up is bad earnings (50% reflected in the stock, thus my prediction of .90 cents) ?

I have a hard and fast 8% stop on all positions so I may need to flip this one.  Just curious if you are feeling the pain over there (which means we all are and it is at a bottom).