Recap of Conversation with Brekford (BFDI)

I just got off the phone with the new Investor Relations firm that represents Brekford and here are some updates:

  • The new IR group, plus Rod Hillman (COO/President), have been meeting with investors to get the Brekford story into the hands of potential investors. They have folks buying stock but they said a lot of big investors are waiting for more "catalysts" to unfold. They also said that some people are stating that they thought the company went out of business after the Baltimore debacle several years ago. Clearly not the case! So the IR group and Rod are working hard to make sure the story is being told to potential investors. 
  • There are several PRs in the pipeline regarding camera orders and activations. We should expect a PR soon about cameras in Colombia being ordered. Remember, Brekford announced not too long ago that they signed an agreement with a Colombian company to handle the sales for them inside of Colombia. 
  • They have several Sales Managers in key international locations, especially focused in Central/South America, but also areas in Asia.
  • Potential talks of an acquisition, although the details were very fuzzy. It seems as if a banker is standing by to assist them on a potential accretive acquisition if they decide to pursue, but I didn't get many more details than that.
  • Many companies within the space are really starting to take notice of the success Brekford is having, and NO ONE is begin as aggressive as they are with international expansion. They truly are pioneering these efforts. It's possible someone will also come after Brekford and try to acquire them.

Overall, it was a very positive call and it is good to know that the company has a new IR group that seems focused on building a shareholder base, thus increasing the share price to a level that reflects the real value of the company.