Selling Brekford (BFDI)

Shortly after writing my article about the red flags I was learning about with Brekford (BFDI), I decided to begin selling my position. I was patient with my selling and only sold the shares above $.20, so it took a few days to liquidate my position last week. 

The decision to sell was two-fold: 

1) My growing frustration with the company's investor communication strategy and my fear that it is becoming nothing more than a "story" stock. 

2) Other opportunities in the microcap space that I wanted to allocate some capital towards. 

I am proud of myself that I was able to emotionally detach myself from Brekford. While I certainly do believe that the story is in place for the company to have great success over the coming years, there are just too many other investment options where I am more aligned with the philosophy and approach of company management. Life is to short to constantly have to question an investment. 

I'm taking a small loss on the position and moving on.