Morning Update on Several Portfolio Positions

Good morning everyone!

A few morning notes:

  • LUNA will be reporting after the close today. For those that have been following me on twitter you know that I feel LUNA has significant upside potential. We have seen it consolidate and churn near the $1 level before popping over the last few weeks. The setup is perfect for a surge on the back of a strong earnings report. Looking for the company to close the gap in reaching positive EBITDA, as well as looking forward to potential major orders as a result of some of the company's major customers receiving huge fiber optic orders. 
  • BFDI will likely be reporting after the close on Thursday. I will have a couple of additions to the article yesterday once I hear back from management. 

On a separate note, I am going to start focusing more on Canadian stocks as I know most of my members and interested members are focused in that market the most. I have some exciting plans surrounding this, so stay tuned for more.

Nothing is more humbling than receiving new members via word of mouth. If you have friends who you feel would enjoy becoming a member, please encourage them to. I am excited about turning this into a community of awesome members. 

Have a great day!