Some Random Thoughts on My Positions and More...

My commitment to all of you is to be transparent with my thinking and my actions. I have no problem if someone may disagree with my actions to buy or sell stock, but I am fully committed to explaining my reasoning in doing so in order to help other microcap investors in their journey to becoming a more successful investor. 

Always remember this...PLEASE. Never blindly follow me into a position. And remember that I may buy or sell at anytime. While I always try to post about material changes to my portfolio as quickly as I can, this isn't my full-time job and I have other commitments that keep me away from the markets at times, and sometimes for extended periods. 

Below are a few random thoughts I wanted to get down in writing:

  • I continue to get questions about why I sold my position in Memex (OEE.V). First and foremost, I needed capital to take advantage of what I see as a tremendous opportunity in Jernigan Capital (JCAP). Secondly, I found my interest level dropping week by week with Memex, and I was unable to engage myself to continue learning all I could learn about the company. Third, I was able to realize an 80%+ gain. And finally, for reasons I cannot explain, it just wasn't feeling right as a long-term investment any longer. I have learned to trust my instinct, and my instinct on this one was telling me let's go ahead and take the gain and move into JCAP. I hope for those that are continuing to hold it that it works out and you make many multiples on your original investment....but Memex was just no longer for me.
  • Ivrnet (IVI.V) quietly put out a press release last week about its Nextext product being launched in North America. This is excellent to learn, and I am eager to hear of specific municipalities that are beginning to use the services. As noted in the press release, Ivrnet is "currently in discussions with over 20 transit authorities throughout North America representing texting volumes of over 10,000,000 per month, which translates to over $7,000,000 in annual opportunities."
  • I am continuing to build my position in Jernigan Capital (JCAP). With a 12%+ yield and a unique business model, the opportunity to invest in this company at these prices is incredibly compelling. I have done a lot of work on the company and continue to believe that investors have sold because they do not understand, or do not trust, in the business model. However, for those that put in the extensive due diligence, instead of relying on silly analyst reports and other 3rd party commentaries (i.e. "noise"), it is clear that the opportunity is quite attractive for those that are able to tolerate a moderate amount of volatility. Remember, if you build the conviction to buy and hold a stock, don't let someone's lack of conviction scare you out of it. #trustinyourwork

I also wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the great interaction. Communicating with you guys always reminds me why I chose to do this in the first place. Even more, it re-affirms in my heart the reasons why I decided to convert from a paid site to a free site. I hope you guys are enjoying.