My Visit with Ackroo and CEO Steve Levely

This past week I flew up to Ottawa to spend some time with Ackroo and CEO Steve Levely, and I had a great visit. It was my first trip up to Canada in a while, and I had forgotten what a beautiful place it is. I look forward to future visits to Canada.

In addition to spending time with Steve, I was able to spend time with some of the employees around the office, including the developers. The common sense I got, no matter who I was speaking to, was how the team could just sense the strong growth opportunities that lie ahead. More impressive to me was that they are all amazingly calm and confident that the technology is ready to be scaled. 

Something that I believe investors need to understand... Ackroo should be considered an organic growth company and no longer as a pure “roll-up” play. They will be opportunistic when/where they can and when future cash flows allow for it, but organic growth is the priority. I believe when Q2 2016 results come out in a few weeks it will be very clear that Ackroo's organic growth is starting to really ramp up.

By the way, if you guys aren't familiar with Quickservice (which Steve added to the latest investor deck), take a look at their clients by clicking here: All of these clients are fair game as potential future clients of Ackroo. A very exciting development in addition to the First Data Canada partnership. As I like to say about Ackroo... the sea of opportunity continues to get bigger and bigger for the company. Now it is time to hook some fish :) 

It is Steve and his team's time to shine and prove to us that they are capable of capitalizing on the opportunities that now exist because of the excellent strategic groundwork that Steve has laid out. At the end of the day the numbers will speak as to whether Steve does what I think he is capable of doing. 

For those invested in the company right now, it is my opinion that we are INCREDIBLY early as investors into Ackroo and it will be exciting to watch as things unfold going forward. 

A few pics of the office around lunchtime (hence no people!)... a nice open team environment: