Several Q2 2016 Updates

Disclosure: At the time of this writing, I do not have a position in JCAP or RYU.V.

I wanted to quickly provide a few updates to positions that I do not currently own but will continue to follow and occasionally cover with updates.

Jernigan Capital: JCAP continues to deliver. The once highly doubted business model is validating itself, with JCAP now increasing annual guidance for the 2nd time in the past 6 months. The company's Q2 results really speak for themselves, so take a peak. I don't say this often, but this company is truly firing on all cylinders and while it will not provide multi-bagger returns, it does provide nice upside of 100%+ with a very hefty quarterly dividend. I was an aggressive buyer when the stock tanked towards $10/share several months ago, but since sold north of $15/share to allocate the profits into other positions that better fit my microcap investment profile that have more long-term upside return potential.

RYU Apparel: RYU is still in its very early stages of a company. The vision of Marcello Leone, the CEO, is second to none. He is ambitious, confident, and truly a visionary for what he is building. I took a small loss on the position when I sold several weeks ago near .17/share. This may be one of those rare times it makes sense to buy the stock when it is $.30 or so on the back of solid execution instead of taking significantly more risk buying it right now, although buying it early can certainly provide more significant rewards if you are right in your thesis. I think RYU will be a long-term winner, but I categorize RYU as a "want to own", not a "must own" at this time. Q2 results here... $630k+ in "Investor Relations" fees in the first half of 2016 needs some digging into. I do not understand how that much money can be used for "Investor Relations", unless the company is lumping in "finders fees" for its private placements into that amount. Still, the number is a bit too high for comfort. Anyone have details on this?

Disclosure: At the time of this writing, I do not have a position in JCAP or RYU.V.