A Note to My Followers

Update: Please follow my new initiative over at www.whymicrocaps.com.

To All:

It is bittersweet for me to say that as I focus on other microcap investing ambitions and initiatives I will no longer be updating and maintaining this site. Past content will be available to be viewed, but no new content will be posted going forward.

Since launching UnusualStocks I have had such an amazing experience interacting with so many of my followers, as well as other successful microcap investors around the world. The experience has been incredibly gratifying, humbling, and rewarding in more ways than I could possibly describe. If you have learned just one thing from me or my site, I consider this venture to have been a success.

We have experienced some awesome gains together, none better than a recent 400%+ plus gain that I suspect isn't done yet. We have learned valuable lessons together, including knowing when to get rid of the losers and invest more in the winners. But, if you take anything away from me and what I advocate for, always remember that knowing your positions better than most allows you the confidence to hold (and add) thru tough periods. Always #trustinyourwork.

Please continue to interact with me on twitter @unusualstocks, or contact me anytime by clicking here

Stay in touch, and I wish you much investing success ahead.

So long... for now.


P.S. What have you learned from following me? I would love to know. Please add a comment below if you feel like doing so.